The Folding Screen(BYOUBU) were a popular Japonism import item to Europe and America starting in the late 19th century.
The French painter Odilon Redon created a series of panels for the Château de Domecy-sur-le-Vault in Burgundy, which were influenced by the art of byōbu.

  • Antique Art

    Grand View of Kyoto, Ikeda Version

    They are the one of the most famous Grand View of Kyoto Byobus in Japan.

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  • Antique Art

    Big Wave with Mt.Fuji

    Real gold Byoubu / DP ART / Made in KYOTO.

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  • Modern Art

    BLUE DESERT 2014

    Painted by Fuad Kouichi Honda. For Art Museums and Art Collectors.

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  • Future Art


    Created by John Hathway. Gold-Carbon Frame, Museum Quality.

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Traditional artisan culture has been declining due to contemporary cultural changes in Japanese society.
Particularly affected by these changes in Japan is the art of the byobu.
The decline has reduced restoration of existing screens and the creation on new work to a level that makes it almost impossible for remaining artisans to pass down screen-making craftsmanship to apprentices.
In an effort to reverse this decline, artisans in Kyoto have created TEAM KYOTO, the mission of which is to establish new markets for byobu using new technology to create a world-wide appeal.
As a result of their efforts and the support of a museum and other artists, they have produced an innovative method for creating these screens.

Team Kyoto Producer
Souzan Amakawa