• Rakuchu Rakugaizu (Grand View of Kyoto)-left-

    Views of Kyoto 400 years ago reborn

    The Ikeda version of the Rakuchu Rakugaizu (Grand View of Kyoto) folding screen set is considered one of the three great versions of this work. The name comes from its original ownership by the Ikeda family of Okayama Domain.
    This work is believed to have been painted by a group of painters of the Tosa School, who were active in the early Edo period. It depicts a view of Kyoto from four hundred years ago.
    The center of the left screen features a large depiction of Nijo Castle, while the right screen depicts the Imperial Palace. Many nobles can be seen thronging the Imperial Palace, and it is believed that this screen shows the bridal party for Tokugawa Hidetada’s daughter, Masako, entering the imperial court of Emperor Go-Mizunoo. In addition to architecture of the time, the screens also depict in dynamic detail things like festival floats seen for the Gion Festival, an event still held today, and the lives of commoners.
    There are over 3,100 people in the work, the most of any of the Rakuchu Rakugaizu existing today.
    The decorative gold clouds serve the function of partitioning the scenes within the work, and the vermillion and green color on the ground of gold produces a unique effect – an exceedingly elegant and gorgeous pair of screens.

    Only 10 Limited Editions. for Art Museum and Art Collectors.

    This limited edition is a full-size pure gold-leaf reprinted work made with the most advanced patented 3D-Giclee direct coloring method.
    This is a reproduction of the Ikeda version of “Grand View of the City of Kyoto (Rakuchu Rakugaizu)".
    The original Ikeda has been designated an important tangible cultural property authorized by the Japanese Goverment and has never been shown outside of Japan.
    This reprint was made possible with the copyright permission and cooperation of Hayashibara Museum of Art In Okayama, Japan.

example image:


  • H174cm x W378cm
  • H 5’8.5” x W12’5”
  • Price: ASK


  • 6 Folding Screen
  • Real Gold Leif(23K)
  • Museum Quality Garantee
  • 3D-Gicklee Direct Coloring
  • Original Size
  • 10 Limited Edition

Scales: S

  • H82cm x W173cm
  • H2’8”x W5’8.5”
  • Price: ASK


  • 3 Folding Screen
  • Printed 3D-Gicklee Gold Foil Direct Coloring
  • Museum Quality Garantee
  • 100 Limited Edition

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