Created by John Hathway

    Daring digital art that conjures the near future

    Following his entering the doctorate program in physical engineering at the University of Tokyo, John Hathway engaged in scientifically-informed design works and the development of robots, as well as a body of wide-ranging creative artwork that spans painting, design, video, and 3D illustration.
    Through these creative works grounded in a philosophy of science and information, he launched fully into the production of an oeuvre that displays the sensibilities and theoretical understanding of a former scientist.
    In terms of art, Hathway has continually produced highly experimental pieces that draw on his unique position as a former researcher grounded in the science of information.
    In addition, he has deep interest in traditional Japanese art and has remade Edo period folding screens in new ways.
    His piece for this exhibit, Anti-Gravity City, was created from an astonishing four thousand digital layers, a feat that would be equivalent to creating four thousand printed works.
    John Hathway has produced ten pieces of this work in a full-size limited edition.
    Each piece is signed by the artist.

    Only 10 Limited Editions. for Art Museum and Art Collectors.

    Midium size 1 pc screen is a large work entitled “ANTI-GRAVITY CITY”, a view of an urban future.
    It will be introduced by science fiction comic artist Mr. John Hathway, who is a Tokyo University Department of Engineering graduate.
    He spent a year to produce the work, which has 4,000 layers.

    John Hathway
    Official Website: http://mots.jp/

example image:


  • H148cm x W262cm
  • H4'10” x W8'7”
  • 3 Folding Screen
  • Price: ASK

Scales: Half

  • H90cm x W160cm
  • H3'0”x W5' 3”
  • Price: ASK


  • Original Real Size
  • Gold-Carbon Frame
  • Washi Paper Giclee Direct Coloring
  • Museum Quality
  • 10 Limited Edition


  • Washi Paper Giclee Direct Coloring
  • Gold-Carbon Frame
  • Museum Quality Guarantee
  • 100pcs Limited Edition
  • with Artist Signeture

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