• Musical Image Calligraphy "HONESTRY"

    Painted by Ai Takaoka


    Learn Japanese Calligraphy since 6 years old. She also learned piano ,the Japanese traditional [Koto](Japanese zither) and [Shamisen](Japanese guitar).
    Her works and performances are Strongly influenced and inspired by the music sounds.
    She creates unique concept called [Sound of Calligraphy] and had many personal exhibitions and performances around the world.
    New works are inspired by the famous songs of 2 singers born in New York.
    One is [Honesty] Billy Joel and the other is [Born This Way], Lady GAGA. She created the works, listening through the headphone over and over again until she got real feeling from her soul.

    2008: Calligraphy performance collaborated with Italian pianist, Nicola Frisardi for the 100th Aniniversary of the Birth of Herbert Von Karajan/Mozarteum, Austria.
    2010: Calligraphed the words of Mother Teresa for the World of Mother Teresa Exibition, Tokyo.
    2011: Calligraphy performance at the opening ceremony for the Global Environment Hall of Fame Symposium, Kyoto.
    2012: Solo exhibition and performance,Paris, France.
    2013-2014: Various exhibitions and peroformances at many famous department stores in Japan.