Painted by Fuad Kouichi Honda
    A world-renowned practitioner of the complex universe of Arabic calligraphy
    A limited run of ten pieces intended for the world’s museums and collectors

    The first person to fuse Arabic calligraphy with art was Honda Koichi, the only Japanese calligrapher officially recognized by the Turkish calligraphy society.
    His work has been featured in the press, including on a special documentary by NHK.

    His works have been purchased by the world's leading museums, among them the British Museum, as well as by the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies and the Consulate General of Japan in Dubai.
    However, he has produced very few pieces, so they remain almost unattainable by the general public.
    Mr. Honda has taken an interest in our mission to share the art of folding screens with the world, so he spent six months creating a new version of his most popular work, “Blue Desert,” especially for this exhibit. It is being offered in a limited edition of ten pieces intended for the world’s museums and collectors of fine art.

    These limited works are signed by Honda himself.

    Only 10 Limited Editions. for Art Museum and Art Collectors.

    Midium Size 2 folding byoubu displayed is a limited reprint edition of a byobu from a new version of Mr. Koichi Honda's work "Blue Desert".
    The original was purchased by The British Museum.
    Mr. Honda was introduced twice on NHK broadcasts last year as the only official Japanese Arabic calligraphy artist.
    It took him a half year to create this work for exhibition.

example image:


  • H194cm x W360cm
  • H6'4” x W12'0”
  • 4 Folding Screen
  • Price: ASK

Scale: Half

  • H94cm x W208cm
  • H3'1”x W6'10”
  • 2 Folding Screen
  • Price: ASK


  • Original Real Size
  • Original Arabic Calligraphy-Art Admired Worldwide
  • Museum Quality Guarantee
  • For Only Art Museums and Art Collectors
  • Patented 3D-Gicklee Direct Coloring
  • Original Real Size
  • 10pcs Limited Edition


  • Washi Paper Giclee Direct Coloring
  • Museum Quality Guarantee
  • Gold Carbon Frame
  • Signature by the Artist
  • 50pcs Limited Edition

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