• Modern Rinpa [Four Seasons Byoubu]

    Painted by Hiroaki Taniguchi

    Designer: Hiroaki Taniguchi

    Born in Kyoto in 1937.
    After studying textile design in 1956, he went on to show his work at a range of exhibits and was awarded the Kyoto Mayor’s Award, Kyoto Governor’s Award, and other commendations.

    In 1976, he launched his own studio as a decorative artist.
    He has held solo exhibitions at Mitsukoshi, Matsuya, Daimaru, and other major national department stores.
    His specialty lies in producing Rimpa-style work based on historical Kyoto kimono motifs.
    Alongside the distinctive raised motifs found in Rimpa work and a contemporary design sensibility, his painstakingly detailed approach and vivid use of color make him one of the emblems of contemporary Rimpa work today.

    A current member of the Japan Designers Association.